We have had a glorious week at Maharani Weddings, and I promise that today’s posts will be the icing on the {wedding!} cake.  I am always a bit sad when I get to final posts of a wedding story, because that means that all the deliciously fabulous images are coming to an end.  Lucky for all of us, Suki and Andy are going to go out with a bang!

The outstanding (and I mean OUTSTANDING) Dina Douglass, of Andrena Photography, sent me this featured wedding, and it is oozing with delightful details and inspirational ideas.  The bride, Suki, is a real gem.  She has a sweet nature to her that Dina captured beautifully.  (No big surprise here, she's part of The Platinum Guide!)


The timeless style of this reception is what really makes my heart skip a beat.  I just adore how Nikki Khan (also part of The Platinum Guide) layered the soft, feminine colors to come up with a color palette that has an elegant undertone. It’s chic. It’s stylish. It’s everlasting.

From Nikki : We designed the cocktail hour in peacock colors palette with drapery to create a formal entrance to the area.  A large peacock was perched on the branch with tons of flowers at the center of the escort card table. For the cocktail hour, all the table linens were in the peacock colors and were custom created.  Guests enjoyed the appetizers in the foyer and out on the terrace overlooking the ocean while the live jazz trio played the music. The ballroom doors were opened to the sounds of a 7 piece band playing jazz music.  The colors were all champagne, blush and gold.  There were three different flower centerpieces, a custom gold dance floor, blush chiffon draping, beautiful lighting, and custom linens.  All the guests were wowed by the effect and throughout the night, and we heard were tons and tons of compliments. Guests were also very impressed with the fact each event had a completely different vibe.  For entertainment at the reception there was a DJ, live band, and a Michael Jackson impersonator per bride's request.

I know, its hard to believe….so, so, SO many original concepts, it is a little hard for me to contain myself. Suki and Andy’s wedding will go down as a Maharani Weddings favorite.  Back in a bit with some more amazing morsels from this fab affair.  Stay tuned!