Do you ever page through wedding magazines, love everything they have cover to cover, and wonder how to incorporate it all into your big day? 

Do you want to wear a bird cage veil, and a sari in the same day? 

Do you debate on adding events to your wedding week, just so you can wear every type of outfit you have ever dreamed of?

Reader questions fill my inbox everyday and I am always DE-lighted to help South Asian brides plan their fairytale weddings.  The one thing I notice is a lot of brides ask questions where they are looking for a bit of direction.  Like, “what colors should I chose” or “do you think that we should have a band or DJ.”

Many of these types of questions can be answered by looking at your individual taste.  All our Maharani Weddings brides-to-be are unique, fabulous, and have a style of your own, and your wedding day should be a reflection of that!

So, So, SO…we put together a fun, little quiz on Facebook to help you figure it out. 

What Type of Indian Bride Will You Be?

Answer these ten questions about your ULTIMATE wedding day, and find out whether you are a traditional, modern, fusion, or unique bride.

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