Hopefully, you have all had a chance to pop over to Facebook this morning to take our quiz to help you define your South Asian bridal style. If you are a fusion bride, you are in luck.  This afternoons feature was written especially for you.

I am smitten with our next feature today.  If I could paint a picture of how I dreamed my life would be everyday, it would be just like this rehearsal dinner : One part Indian, one part American, and two heaping parts of style.

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 Parul and Jeff are a creative couple that are always having a good time. How completely adorable is this attire description they used for their FunFest :
Creative Formal Cocktail Party. This is your opportunity to wear that one crazy dress you've been looking for an occation to wear! We know you've always wanted to wear a white suit or channel your inner Fellini or Mad Men, too. Wigs, hats, and all of the accessories are not only acceptable, but are encouraged. 

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I think that my favorite part of this party are the custom pins. So simple, but cutie, cute, cute!

Parul and Jeff had a American style rehearsal dinner that I think was just delectable. Playfully called, FunFest, the party was entangled with a classy touches of Gujurati influence. Parul wanted to honor her heritage {food & some garba dances}, but at the same time have the party be a reflection of them as a couple {yummy cocktails & candy galore}.  She took the best from both sides of the globe and came up with a completely wonderful celebration that took place at Terra Gallery, in San Francisco.  Take a look…

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So, you might be wondering who is responsible for these magnificent shots.  Well, the lady behind the lens is Anna Kuperberg.  Anna is based out of San Francisco {yeah!} and her photography style hits all my hot buttons – lighting, distinct camera angles, and emotional moments that are never, ever staged. She has an artistic eye and I am blown away by her attention to detail. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for more shots from Parul and Jeff’s fusion wedding you won’t want to miss. In the mean time, head over to R A N I S, and check out who is the secret guest blogger we have over there today!