I can’t believe that we are already at the conclusion of the amazing wedding, of Leena and Suniel, that took place at the Evergreen Museum last July.  This charming wedding was sent to us by the ladies at Partyland Flowers & Décor, and what I love about the design is that it has big impact without being in your face. The bride is an international journalist, so it comes as no surprise that she asked for a wedding design palette with global appeal.

Jenn Link was on hand to capture the tender moments from Leena and Suniel's wedding, and I just heart her & her work.  Her photographs really draw you in, so you can re-experience the wedding. And, who wouldn't want to do that?!

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From the designer, Sachi Sood : Leena asked me to create a decor for her that was bright in Indian Colors with a flaire for the international.  She didn't want an Indian Wedding that was overly Indian due to their diverse guest list and since I had decorated many of their friends decors she wanted to make sure that the decor was very unique to her taste.  A few unique suggestions I gave her were one to get a white dance floor, it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to pictures and  the second was to have a Morrocan Lounge... the inspiration came from the words she used to describe her dream wedding "International & Fun"  I immediately decided we had to do something to surprising something young and old would appreiciate!  Which is how the Morrocan Lounge was Invented!

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I love this bold turquoise lengha that Leena chose to wear for her reception. What do you think? It's a real show stopper if you ask me!

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Indian wedding blog, rings 
Congratulations to Leena and Suniel and big thanks to Working Brides & Jenn Link Photography for providing all these heart stopping images.