I know we are a little late today, but I promise it is worth the wait!

I am {SUPER} excited because our Platinum Guide member, Daniel Boswell, of Imagique, worked extra hard to have this SDE ready to make it’s debut for all our Maharani readers today!  This video really sums up this decadent affair.  Daniel’s videos are so awesome, because they give you the feeling of being right in the moment. You get to experience the wedding from 360 degrees, and this is definitely, one of the talents that make him one of the best cinematographers in Southern California. So relax, get a cup of coffee and take a 5 minute break to enjoy this spectacular video.

Ooo-LA-LA!  Seriously, I could watch it ten more times.  Big, big, big THANK YOU to Daniel, of Imagique, for sharing this video with us today.