Happy Diwali!  My favorite part about Diwali is cleaning your house to bring new energy for the new year, so today's post HAD to have something to do with you new home as Mr. & Mrs.

The most memorable Indian weddings are the ones where the brides put a lot of time and effort thinking about the details.  Carefully choosing each and every item to make sure it is something unexpected and unique is what gives weddings the wow factor. It is these little ideas that make your Indian wedding something extra special.

One of our loyal Maharani Weddings readers, Anar, emailed me her guestbook idea and I am just swooning over it.  Take a look at this inventive idea from “I Do” Engravables:

From the bride : SO I knew I wanted something creative and different for my guestbook. Nothing that I would put away never to look at again, but also something that was fun and interactive for my guests. For a large Indian wedding, I ordered their largest size with a custom frame... it was worth every cent because people are still complimenting me on our guestbook!  The frame comes with a diamond tip pen that actually engraves the fram as your guests write.  Pretty cool huh? We put in an engagement photo of us and laid it flat on the greeting table for people to sign.  It is now a classy and elegant fixutre in our new home!

I love this idea so much that I might just have to have a gigantic anniversary party, so I can have gorgeous engraved frame too!

I am sending Anar a big e-hug to say thank you for sharing this marvelous idea with us! Have a great weekend everyone and wait until you see the featured weddings we have up our sleeve….can’t wait to see what you all think!