Keeping a rational outlook on weddings is really difficult for a dreamer, like me, to do.  I mean, after all it is your one day?!  Well, it is one day, but what is healthy to remember (this applies to me) is that it is only ONE day.

So many brides, especially South Asian brides, want to tear their hair out and threaten to elope after a few weeks in the hot seat.  Instead of getting frazzled, I found this one of a kind way to put the enjoyment back into your wedding planning, and from my experience around the corner from your friend humor lives your other friend perspective…

Indian wedding blog, caricature 2

Indian wedding blog, caricature 1 will make a 100% customized caricature of you and your groom for your wedding day, and the results are hilarious, yet refined. This is not your big nose, bulging eye balls, look what I got from the circus caricature.  These drawings are done either by hand or digitally, and the artist have over 35 years of experience.  I think that this is an adorable Indian wedding idea for your save the date, wedding invitation, or my favorite idea, your guest “book” board.

For the risk averse, will redraw the caricature (at no extra cost) as many times as needed until you are satisfied with the result, or we will refund the amount you paid for your order if you wish so.  I mean, how great is that?! is giving Maharani Weddings readers an exclusive discount.  Reference the coupon code "2PPL" and you will receive a $20 rebate!  I might just have to order one for my husband as our anniversary present this year!