After you choose your bridal lengha, the next big decision you will be faced with (sorry grooms) is what to have your bridesmaids wear. If your friends are anything like mine, they will be thrilled to wear saris, bangles, and jewelry from head to toe. Probably one of the best perks about being an Indian bride – your friends are actually excited about their bridesmaid’s dress.

So often, I see the same bridesmaids saris. Basic, classic pieces, that don’t flaunt your leading ladies. Sangini nailed it with these bridesmaids saris because they carry the same look coming right off the runway. These sheer fabrics are absolute perfection for spring and summer brides.  Light and airy, your besties will look just magical promenading down the aisle before of you. 

Indian wedding blog, sari 3 copy
Indian wedding blog, sari 2 copy
Indian wedding blog, sari copy 
One of my favorite indian wedding traditions is "dealing out" saris to your dearest friends. Your bridesmaids are the best accessory that you will have on your wedding day, so you have lots to think about!

More to come so stay tuned!