The only thing that makes me happier than the Nordstrom’s half yearly sale, is discovering a new photographer.  Perfect frames, fantastic lighting and emotional moments…all executed to perfection by Jenn Link Photography.

Indian wedding blog, 1 copy 

Indian wedding blog, 4 copy

Whether it was their engagement session, ceremony, or reception.  Jenn’s shots were dead on, and this lucky couple has wonderful keepsakes from their wedding celebration.  Jenn’s love of her craft comes through her photographs.  Nothing sums it up better than this quote from her, “After shooting my first roll of film in 10th grade I knew there was nothing else in life that I wanted to be other than a photographer.”

Indian wedding blog, 3 copy
Indian wedding blog, 2 copy 

When I see shots like this I feel like jumping up and giving the photographer a huge high five! 

Congratulations on your wedding Puja and Sajan!  And, thanks to Partyland for the fab submission.