Last year, my dear friend Ann opened my eyes to the world of stationery.  It was under her tutelage that I have come to have a deep appreciation for the gently folded envelopes that hold delicate invitations.

I was tickled when I learned about Samvadiya a contemporary invitation company, that has an invitation line dedicated to Indian bridal showers. 

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Wonder where the word Samvadiya comes from, well designer, Seema Sawhney, had this to say : Asian Indians in the olden days hired a Samvadiya (‘messenger’ in Hindi) to convey special or important messages across the villages. A Samvadiya was not an ordinary person rather someone who was well trained in the art of conveying messages – in the right style, tone and language. 

A wedding invitation is a modern day Samvadiya, which conveys the message of your most important day to all those who matter to you.  The delicate designs and themes of SamvadiyaCards balance culture, style and uniqueness making sure that your message is conveyed in the manner you want!

Indian wedding blog, invite copy
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Samvadiya has a great range of style and the collection is simply divine. Visit the Samvadiya website to see their entire collection of wedding invitations.