Today I have big news! No mom, I am not pregnant, but I am proud as a parent today because we are unveiling our latest Indian Wedding planning tool.... The Platinum Guide.  

Choosing a team to carry out your vision on your wedding day is a big task for any bride. For South Asian brides, the task is even larger.

Maharani Weddings has created a resource of trusted vendors, experienced with the unique traditions and customs of South Asian weddings, to help our brides bring their dream weddings to life.

The Platinum Guide is a list of professionals that we personally recommend; including top names in the wedding industry to vendors who specialize in South Asian weddings. Our list was created with the help of industry experts, dear friends, and our very own Maharani readers. With only a few names in each category, we have hand selected the best of the best and are excited to present them to you...

So, dive in, take a look, and make sure that you let the vendors know where you found them! And big thank you to Natalie, our web designer, who brought this vision to life!