Today we have a very special featured Indian wedding from Ohio, which holds a special place in my heart since my husband is an Ohio native.  Anita and Amar's were wed earlier this summer, and Genevieve Nisly and her creative eye were on hand to make sure that each and every moment was captured, well perfectly.

I love the rich, deep color of Anita’s mehndi.  Anita used Viraj Parich for her bridal mehndi.

From the bride : My family is Punjabi and Amar's family is Maharashtran.  We both have families who love to have a good time and celebrate.  We also have a lot of friends who had never experienced an Indian wedding before.  We really wanted to put together a reception which was enjoyed by everyone and where our friends could really experience a great Indian wedding.   All of our friends loved everything from the food to the music. In fact, I even had one guy friend who said that I needed to find him an Indian girl just so he could have an Indian wedding one day - I take that as a compliment!

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SO much more coming up of this charming back in a bit!