Hello everyone!  We are back today with the ultra fashionable wedding of Nital and Kristopher.A BIG thank you to Laura Grier, who was on hand to make sure that every lovely memory was captured. This wedding is creating a lot of buzz around the office today because I can’t get over how well the traditional elements were fused with western elements.  It is simply perfection!

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From the Bride : Although I wore a traditional western wedding gown, I had bridal mendhi so that I would still have the look of an Modern Indian bride.  Our ceremony was combined Hindu and Western so we were adorned with all the garlands, vara mala, sindoor, and tied together.  Since neither me nor Kris wore traditional Indian cloths, we were tied together by ribbons hanging off our garlands.  

The ceremony was amazing. Both my parents and Kris' parents sat in the mandap with us. Our priest explained all the Hindu rituals in English and the performed the rituals in Sanskrit.  We had a seamless transition into a Western ceremony.  After the Hindu portion, the priest brought us up to the front of the mandap and we said our vows and exchanged rings.  He even made a joke about not being able to kiss the bride in Hindu ceremonies, but he let us do it anyway!


If you missed any of the amazing shots from yesterday’s feature of this wedding you can see them here and here.  Coming up in a little bit – shots from their reception you won’t want to miss!