My dear friend, Ann, started an invitation line on, so I was cruising around there the other day and I happened to come across these adorable, hand-made, cake toppers, just PERFECT for Indian weddings!  They have a whimsical design and a charming appeal.  Check out how sweet these Bengali brides and grooms are:

Bride_groom copy

090720 peacock, natural pair 1a 780 pixels wide

Krishna Sadhu's Creations is an online shop featuring handcrafted wedding cake toppers and other specialty clay figurines and jewelry.  The store mostly offers custom order items ...which means the items will be handcrafted after the order is received and they will be detailed as requested (colors and sizes of the figurines are often customized).  Since these are custom crafted, it also means that the artist needs at least a 10 days notice.  (Rush orders are accepted if the piece is needed sooner.) 

The artist, Krishna Sadhu, is from West Bengal, India - and she  has spent 12 years of her life in Shantiniketan.  The rich Shantiniketani style is reflected in all her creations.

For any Indian bride having a peacock themed reception, this is a MUST have:

090708 whimsical pair peafowls 2 780 px wide
I am completely smitten with these endearing details. To order any of these items click here. BIG Thank you to Krishna for sharing your pieces with us!