What I LOVED about this indian wedding extravaganza was that there was an exciting element about the reception…intimate canopies were set up inside the grand ballroom. These intimate spaces, nestled together allowed Poonam and Chirag’s guests to fully relax and enjoy each other's company. 

From Bliss, “In these lounge areas, a few colorful monogrammed pillows go a long way to personalize the space (and make a great gift for the couple after the big day)”

Poonam 5e copy
In order to create this detailed look, Bliss and their bride fully utlized layering and texture.  They used various whites - clear glass, water, floating elements and candlelight all to help set the mood. Their dance floor was  lined with towering white birch trees filled with blossoms and candles.  This couples’ sweetheart table was set under a canopy made from four of these intertwining blooming trees.  Top it off with a glowing white acrylic DJ booth, and you get a magical, heavenly look.  What fun!

Congratulations Poonam and Chirag, and thank you for sharing your special day with us!