Dear Shawna,

I am having some trouble deciding on the style of my wedding cake.  I definitely want a cake, but I feel like I have made so many decisions, my brain can’t take it anymore.  What is a fun, hip, yet classic cake that will add to my décor?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Meeta,

Congrats on your upcoming wedding day!  Sounds like you are in the home stretch, so just relax, try to take it all in, and enjoy your bachelorette party! Your wedding cake is like the perfect little accessory to your little black dress, so just have fun with it.  Here are some current looks for your wedding cake that I absolutely LOVE:

If you are looking for a unique, whimsical cake with a lot of detail you are going to love this idea. The top layer of the cake is a rendition of the entire cake! 

Meeta 3 copy

Meeta 1 copy

What a great memory to share on your first anniversary, and it is so darn cute you don’t even need a cake topper!

This next cake is SO charming! The novelty factor will have your guests talking about it all night.

Meeta 2 copy(Image courtsey of Buddy Valastro, Carlo's Bakery)
This confection has edible black and white photos of the couple accenting each tier.  Definitely a one of a kind cake!

Move over white cakes, colored cakes are a brilliant new twist on a traditional look.   

(Image courtsey of

Layers of colorfully frosted fondant {matching your bridesmaids, of course} will make this cake a smashing success!

I am confident that you will have a fantastic wedding day, and don’t forget your best cake cutting accessory – your smile!