Today we have the second part of Harlyn and Seenu's wedding week. If you missed any yesterday's two part feature of this wedding, you are definitely going to want to check it out! Harlyn and Seenu were announced as the new Mr. & Mrs. for the first time at their reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Nestled in the trees off of Sunset Blvd, this charming hotel is one of LA's finest. Dina, from Andrena Photography, has an incrediblely artist eye, and was able to capture all the flawless beauty of this bride.


Rec 1 copy


This room brings a whole new meaning to the word STUNNING. Take a look at these linens done by the team at Wildflower Linens.  The way each napkin is carefully folded to accentuate the rose...I mean, how perfect is that?!


Decor 1c copy Lin


Adorable. Sweet. Charming. Delicious.  Simply divine! 


Check back with us in a few hours as we have the finale of this ultra-glam wedding!