Hi Readers!  I have been looking forward to this week all month.  Not only because it is the end of the gloomy July San Francisco weather, but it is INSPIRATION BOARD WEEK!  Finally, I get to display the magnificent boards that all our readers have been emailing in all month. They have soooo many wonderful indian wedding ideas, I know you guys are going to just love them! Thank you to everyone who entered and now it is up to our community who wins the Cheree Berry gift certificate up for grabs.

Since this contest is half judged by me and half judged by our readers, here is how the rules work.  I spent the weekend sifting through all the boards, and picked out the most unique, eye catching boards that were cohesive.

The next part is up to you - place a comment and vote for the board that you love the most. All votes will be tallied on midnight, Friday, July 31st.  So, if you want to take a look all week at our top 5 boards and then go back and vote, you can do that too.  I am so excited to show you the boards, some of them made me start dreaming...and this is what I looked for something that will INSPIRE you...

So, enough babbling, here is our first board from Vashali, inspired by her two favorite things - winter and crystals and is appropriately called Crystalace:


LengaShoesFlowersInvitationsDiamond PaperweightCrystal TreeBanglesEarringsRingTable Setting, Place CardsMartiniCake Cutting/FlutesIce Bar                

Vote for this board by placing a comment below!