What do you get when you combine a Scottish lad and an Indian princess?  The wedding of DJ and Kripa!  Today we have part two of their himalayan fairytale.  The reception was held at the lovely Ambassador Hotel, just up the road from Kripa's parent's home.  I am starting to become obsessed with visiting this place, I mean check out this view!Peartree 2 

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The day after the wedding, they were blessed in Kripa's local church, followed by a meal for 500 people from nearby villages. And, to round out the function there were some dances which were more like Nepalese dances than Indian, but equally as exquisite.

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From Wil : "Kripa, from Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India, and Donald John, from Berwickshire in the Scottish Borders, got married on the 20th of June 2009 surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. The wedding was held in Ambassador Resorts, Vashist. Both Scotland and India were well represented, with an amazing mix of Sarees and Kilts, and as a result a true explosion of colour. The sun shone and the peaks were glittering white with the last of the winter snow. Family and Friends made it a very special day, which passed like a blur for the newlyweds. The ceremony was very much a long the lines of a traditional Christian wedding, with some individuality added. The bride was given away by her Mother and Father, rings were exchanged and the bride was blessed by the exchange of the Mungle Sutra, a candle was lit to symbolise the union being made. The evening was spent eating good food, listening to great speeches and dancing the night away Scottish and Indian style, with a unique mix of Ceilidh and Bollywood music – dubbed Scollywood!"

I mean does it get any cuter?!

Congratulations DJ and Kripa - and big thank you to Wil of Peartree Photography!