Shikha Savadas  is a Washington DC based designer, who not only does DAZZLING wedding invitations, but media pieces as well.  These invitations have a fresh, modern feel to them without losing their traditional roots.  Only one word describes the vibrant hot pink color Divya & Vijay choose as their wedding theme – magnificent!

Invite 1 copy

Hot pink i board copy 
Simply Gorg.

From Shikha Savdas : This invitation design was largely inspired by the Bride and Groom themselves. The couple wanted a traditional Indian wedding (with all the bells and whistles!), but, as with many first generation Indian-Americans, the mixed cultures in which they were raised played a large part in their aesthetic. The Bride planned to forgo the traditional maroon bridal sari for a hot pink one—this one element played a huge part in the overall look and feel for the entire ceremony. Just like the ceremony they planned, the invitation unites traditional Indian motifs (the Om symbol and the pattern) with more modern elements (the colors and the floral scrolls).

For more modern Indian invitations by Savdas, check out their engagement party invitation here. 

I am SO totally head over heels for this hot pink/rani/fuschia number that I put together a small inspiration board in order to give you a peak at how well this color translates to a wedding.