Jobs are tough to come by these days, so asking your boss for time off for your wedding, honeymoon and mommy-moon (aka shopping trip to India) might be tough.  Don't worry your pretty little head, instead head over to  Trends of India, and choose from their sophisticated, glamorous collection of bridal lenghas. Here are some of my favorite wedding lenghas from their collection...

Yuna 510 






When choosing your bridal lengha it is important to keep your personal style in mind, as well as, the look and feel of your wedding.  If you are getting married outdoors, you may want to choose brighter color like fuschia or orange, and if you are getting married in indoors you may want to choose a darker color like burgundy or deep red.  Also keep your jewelry in mind.  If you are planning on wearing an heirloom piece, it will look better with a traditional style lengha.

Happy hunting, and no matter which one lengha you decide to wear - you will have a GLORIOUS day!!!