Floral design is one of my favorite parts of attending any wedding, and indian wedding have some of the BEST florals!  The designers are so talented, and I love the see the way they put the bride and groom's vision together with their signature touches.  Bridesmaids bouquets are often overlooked, but if you have a second to think about them, there are a few options to consider. 

The bridesmaid's bouquet should be an accent to her ensemble and provide a feminine touch to your color story.  Make sure that they are small - about half the size of your bridal bouquet. Consider the bloom type as much as your would consider the color. 

Bridesmaid 2 copy

Bridesmaids 1

Bridesmaids 3

Just remember that bouquets should contrast your bridesmaids saris, and they shouldn't compete with your bridal bouquet!

Calla lilies come in a variety of colors and are one of the most elegant flowers.  Weddings that include callas will definitely have a classy feel to them.  These are two very different examples of bridesmaids bouquets, one has a more casual style, while the other is more refined.

You can also use the bridesmaids bouquets to make a statement on your wedding day.  I simply love what this bride did - simple, chic, and unique - GORGEOUS!