Okay, so your aisle isn’t 26 miles, but it is long enough for everyone to check you out. I am sure that you will look stunning on your big day, but here are some of the best ways to get in shape and stay stress free for your walk down the aisle. Like it isn’t nerve-racking enough – Indian brides have to wear a mid drift! Here are my tried and tested workouts that are PERFECT for whipping your bod in shape quickly.

The Dailey Method

When you first walk into the Dailey Method, don’t let the long, lean bodies of the veterans intimidate you – use them as motivation. If your goal is to lose 5-10 pounds and get leaner and longer this is definitely the exercise class for you. The Dailey Method is a butt kicking, thigh melting, ab killing workout that will have you sore for days. This is what makes The Dailey Method the ideal workout for toning and sculpting your body. Trust me, I’ve done it. Four times a week and you will be amazed by the results….sleek sculpted arms and most importantly for your lengha or sari…a toned middrift. “The Dailey Method is a system of strengthing and stretching all the major muscle groups in the body. It combines ballet barre work, core, conditioning, stretching, and orthopedic exercises. The controlled movements are very focused, effective, and safe. Each exercise is followed by a series of stretches to develop more sculpted supple muscles. The entire body is constantly working throughout class. Throughout this process ones body, posture, and physical awarness will be transformed.”

Doug Rice’s Bridal Boot Camp

Bridal Boot Camp is a fun 60-70 minute total body workout that includes a lot of shaping and toning. Doug specializes in workouts using High Intesity Interval Training that burns a ton of calories (or margaritas!) that I promise, is a lot more fun than it sounds. Doug’s infectious personality will motivate and inspire you throughout your class. And, what would be more perfect to help keep you on track than his new Ebook, “The Bridalious Workout – Four Simple Steps to Becoming The Hottest. Bride. Ever.” Doug was nice enough to share a tip from his new 21 day eating program to “size down that gown” called “The Final Engagement.” Doug says, “Focus your calories on eating a lot of good quality food, balanced throughout the day. And, don’t starve yourself. You should be eating your goal weight with a zero added to it.” Doug’s class will have you standing taller, and feeling better, so all you have to think about is mastering your wedding day strut!

Burn 60

Okay ladies, I saved the best secret for last…Burn 60, is the little talked about trick that celebrities use to whip their bodies in shape. This is an awesome workout and will definitely get you the lean look you are looking for on wedding day. Burn 60 is based on interval training consisting of high, mid, and low levels of activity repeated over brief periods of time combining treadmills or cycling bikes with weights and resistance equipment on the floor. The studio is very clean and their staff is fantastic. The teachers have managed to hit the delicate balance of being motivating, positive, and firm, so you will have an optimal workout. The best part about this place is that you never know who will be in the class with you!

Any of these systems alone, or a combination of them together for very motivated brides, will get you fast results. So, whether you have a few months or almost a year, there is a way to get your tummy lengha ready! I would love to hear what your favorite workout is, that can get good, fast results!!