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Some of my favortie bouquets are composed of all one flower.  They have a chic, unfussy look to them that makes you look like you simply ran your hand through the garden on your way down the aisle.  Here are some of my favorites:

Bouquets 2nd piece copy

Bouq 2nd piece 2 copy

Clockwise from the top left:

Large Rose Bouquet - No, this isn't Smurfette's bouquet!  This labor intensive bouquet is hand strung by your florist to make one collossal rose.  A head turner for sure!

Bunch of Peonies - if you are lucky enough to get married in the Spring, peonies are an exclusive choice.  With a very short season (only 8 weeks!) these special flowers will add a one of a kind dimension to your wedding day.

Hand-tied Tulips - This lovely arrangement is perfect for a summery outdoor affair.  I love the way this one is tied with a simply ribbon...

Lily of the Valley - One of my dear friends, Lily, carried her namesake down the aisle with her on her wedding day.  This is bouquet has an "undone" look to it that sets a carefree tone to your attire.  This is perfect if you are wearing chiffon.

Some new twists on bouquets include crystals and feathers.  Talk to your florist about adding this special element to your bridal bouquet only.