Mehndis are one of the most fun events of any Indian wedding week.  The female energy is always at a high and laughing ladies are always having a good time.  Mehndi green is the traditional color for the affair, however, here are some color palette ideas to make your mehndi memorable and modern...

If your mehndi is in the evening, this palette would add elegance to the affair.  The magenta is a classic look when paired with green.

Mehndi color pal copy 

Mehndi color pal 2 copy 

Mehndi color pal 3 copy 

If your mehndi is a lunch time party, this palette is fresh and clean.  I based this palette of a beautiful mango that I walked by in the farmers market...

If you are having your mehndi along side a mimosa, you will love this girly palette.  The pink adds an element of fun, while the brown has a chic undertone. 

Despite which palette you choose for your special day, make sure you remember to bring your best accessory - your smile!  :)