Looking for Indian invitations in the US can be tough, especially if you are looking for something cultural that is not over the top.  One of my favorite invitation creators is A Day in May. They have been nice enough to share some images with us of custom creations they did for an Indian bride and groom.  I love the unusually color palette that gives these invites a traditional flare.



The story of how they got started is almost as charming as this next invite…
What happens when two creatively stifled designers meet; two women who have designed everything from ads and brochures to book jackets and logos; two women searching for a way to break out of a corporate box and feel a direct sense of pride and accomplishment in their design? On a day in May 2001, these two San Francisco-based designers, Eve Weinsheimer and Lesley Hathaway, did indeed meet. Committed to bringing the highest quality of design to select projects, they launched A Day in May Designs.




A Day in May specializes in letterpress wedding invitations…with a signature and custom line, there carry something for every Indian bride!