I am very excited about today’s post.  As you all know, I am a little obsessed with two things – indian weddings and jewelry.  So, I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon Tejani .  Tejani is a costume jewelry line dedicated to brides.  They feature glamorous and avant-garde style with a touch of ethnic heritage. Urvi Pruinier, head designer of Tejani Bridal Jewelry, is the industry’s only bridal jewelry expert.

Tejani 1 copy

Tejani 2

Tejani 3

Tejani 4

Tejani 6 copy 

In Prunier’s own words, “How can you elevate the look of an inexpensive gown? Put on fabulous jewelry! And how can you kill a couture gown?  Accessorize with junk jewelry.”  I have to agree with her 100%.  These pieces would add a WOW factor, and are the perfect accessory to any bridal lenga, sari, or suit.

Don’t you just hate when you find the perfect pair of shoes in silver, when you are looking for gold?  Tejani helps eliminate this hassle.  Their ENTIRE bridal collection is available in any of the following finishes silver, gold, antique silver, and antique gold.  Making it simple to match your outfit and style perfectly. 

This is just a taste of the exquisite items that Tejani has to offer. You can view their complete collection online at  : http://www.tejanibridaljewelry.com/