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Wondering how a wedding gets featured on Maharani Weddings?  Well, here’s the scoop!

~For Brides~

Some of the best weddings we feature come from real brides! Please send an email at and please include all the following information about your glorious day…

1. The Basic Information: Your name, Your new hubby's name, Date and Location of your Wedding

2. Your Images: 20-25 images that you thing best tells the story of your special day. We can receive images either through jpg files or through a link to your online portfolio. We prefer images at 780 pixels across, however, this is not required for real brides.

3. Your Description: We *love* to hear about your inspiration for your bridal style, the traditional details that you utilized, the ways that family participated etc. The more information that we have about you and your amazing day, the better!

4. Your Vendors: Please list all applicable vendors (planners, caters, florists) that you would like to see credited. Please note that we must have a photography credit to consider your wedding for publication.
We are always looking to feature weddings in these categories:

The Savvy Spender  ~  If you threw a delightfully elegant wedding on a budget, we would love to see how your creativity and hard work made it fabulous! We welcome any money saving tips that you would like to share.

Hira Mothi  Traditions ~ In the opulent tradition of hira mothi…diamonds & pearls…If your day was fit for a *Maharani* we want to see your lavish customary display…. stunning mandaps, dazzling baarat entries, artistic Mehndi designs…

Contemporary Fusion ~ Was your wedding split between two sets of customs?  If so, we want to see it!  These weddings usually have the most attention to detail, so whether it is the mixture of North/South Indian traditions or a Catholic meets Hindu ceremony….we invite you to share how you made it happen with us!

A very important note:  Please let us know if you have submitted your wedding for publication elsewhere.

~For Vendors~

We try very hard to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the wedding industry.  If you are a vendor with innovative design or ideas, or the perfect piece for Maharani Weddings please brag a little about yourself and let us know! Please send an email to and include the following:

1. Your Company Name, Your Name, Date and Location of the Wedding, and the Couple’s names

2. Your Images: 25-30 images that you feel best tell the story of the wedding, mehndi, sangeet, etc. Images should be sent EITHER  jpgs or a zip file. Images that are 780 pixels across show best on our blog.

3. Image Types: We use images to tell a unique story that represents the unique couple. Color photos get the most response on our blog. We love to see the details (ie…jewelry, sweets, saris, programs, florals, etc.) and these shots are pivotal in our decision making process. Also include pictures of the bride and groom, as well as, overall wedding style.

4. Your Description: We love hearing from the couple and the ways the details of the wedding (and other functions) came together. This helps tell the intimate, unique story of the couple.

5. The Vendors: Please list all applicable vendors that need to be credited. We must have a photography credit, sorry no exceptions. Unfortunately, if a vendor is not credited up front, we will not be unable to go back and add the credit.

A very important note:  Please let us know if you have submitted your wedding for publication elsewhere.

We look forward to hearing from you!