I love contemporary weddings.  The feeling of something familiar combined with a new twist is always an interesting choice. I have put together some of the latest, not trendy, color schemes for you to enjoy and translate into your own wedding style.  Just remember to keep in mind the season of your wedding because blooms will be at their best and easily available.

Since Spring is around the corner, let's start with it! Here is my favorite idea for a spring indian wedding :

Color palette 2 copy 

Color palette 4 copy

Color palette 1 copy

Color palette 3 copy

Fuschia and orange with a touch of gold is a modern twist to the traditional red and orange.  This is very beautiful if you are getting married outdoors.  Mandaps made of fabric or flowers look great with this color palette.

Summer is one of my favorite times of year for weddings.  Everyone seems a bit more relaxed and the events always have a casual elegance to them that I absolutely love! Here is my favorite idea for summer indian weddings : 

This palette represents the cool, calm colors of summer. I could just picture a bride with a green and gold lehnga and bridesmaids in delicate yellow saris!

Fall weddings have strong colors associated with them.  If you are lucky enough to get married in fall, make sure that you stick to fall colors, instead of rollover spring or summer colors.  It will give your guests something new to look at. Here is my favorite idea for fall indian weddings : 

I absolutely love the way this dark purple pulls elegance off the brown.  This is definitely a color palette for the unique bride who wants to make a statement.

If I could do it over again (and again, and again) I would definitely have a winter wedding.  I love the bridal accessories and festive mood of the holidays. Here are my favorite colors for a winter indian wedding : 

This palette would make a stunning winter wonderland theme to your reception, and I could just imagine adorable flower girls in silvery white lehngas at the ceremony. 

Make sure that you think about your color choices carefully, and don't settle for something you don't absolutely L-O-V-E!