An Indian wedding ceremony symbolizes not just a bonding of two individuals but also the bonding of understanding, commitment, mutual love and spiritual growth. The mangal-sutra is only worn by married women and is the main symbol of marriage.


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Grooms tie the necklace around the neck of their bride on the day of their marriage which signifies their union. The Mangal-sutra is known by different names in the different states of India. In the south, it is called Thaali, and and in the north, it is called mangal-sutra. The mangal-sutra is a special token of love given to an indian bride by her groom.



The mangal-sutra necklace is made with black and gold beads and is considered sacred. In many areas of India worn day and night by a married woman, similar to the way a wedding ring is worn in the US. It is believed to protect their marriage and life of their husband. The black beads signify protection from evil or negative energy. It is considered auspicious for married women to wear mangal-sutra after marriage.


Today the concept of wearing a mangal-sutra has changed. Previously women use to wear simple design mangal-sutra with small gold pendants. Modern trends lean towards wearing a short length with a single string and instead of gold pendants, diamond pendants are in fashion. Whatever style you choose the reason to wear it symbolizes the real essence and concept of marriage.