In an Indian wedding, the Baraat is one the most special and joyful moments that precede the main wedding ceremony. This joyful pre-wedding celebration is formed by a large number of the groom's family and friends that join him as he heads towards the ceremony spot in a vibrant and musical procession. Due to the large spectrum of Indian customs, the traditions during the arrival of the baarat can vary but certainly, it is one of the most fun parts of the wedding day everywhere. 

Once the dancing procession reaches the wedding venue, the reception of the Baraat is in charge of the bride's family, and the groom is received with warm welcome rituals that include colorful garlands outside the wedding venue and the rest of his family is inducted to the bride's family in a ceremony known as Milni. In some other traditions, the mother of the bride leads a ceremony called Aarti right before he goes to the mandap. 



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The vibrant sound of the dhol transforms the ambiance for the baraatis into a real festival, while their kaleidoscopic outfits turned this beautiful and ancient tradition into a visual treat for anyone! A Raja on a magnificent elephant or riding a white horse is nothing short of an absolute dream come true for any Maharani! Grab some unique welcome Baraat ideas with the images above and get those ideas going!