At the Mehndi, relatives and friends (married as well as unmarried) of the bride gather at the bride's house.  While the henna is being applied the bride is given advice by older women on married life.  There are many folk songs that have been written about the Mehndi and often singing them is a natural progression of the festivities.

There are many superstitions surrounding the longevity of henna on the bride's hand.  One superstition is if the henna lasts longer on the brides hands then her grooms, the bride will be treated very well at her in-laws' place.  Meaning she is spared from doing chores! Since that is the case, the bride's mother often feels a sense of relief when the daughter visits her few days after the wedding and is still able to see the henna design on her daughter's palm.

Mehndi is just one of the rituals that signify the departure of the bride from her home to her new husband's home.  Thus the begining of an important new stage of life for the young lady.