When you're a wedsite whose main objectives include sharing some of the most inspiring South Asian wedding photography, you can be sure you're up to your elbows in the most fabulous photos anywhere. From breathtaking Indian and Pakistani weddings, to the fabulous fusion affairs and everything in between, sharing all of these brilliant shots is always such an honor. The most important wedding portraits, of course, are those of the bride and groom. From first looks to reception shots, we've seen our share of some of the most remarkable photography work. In honor of all the beautiful couples who make this site possible, we decided to share a few of our most memorable wedding portraits with you today! It was no easy task to select this divine dozen, but we did it. You will definitely feel all the love and excitement that shines through them as you scroll through each and every one — and you'll probably let out a few "aws" too! Check out these Maharanis and their Rajas below!

Weren't these moments captured just beautifully? Have a perfect rest of the day, Maharanis!