You might want to put your shades on because you might get blinded by the brilliance I'm about to bring you today. If you frequent our blog, you know how much we love our brides and their bangles. Those blinging, bold and beautiful stackable bracelets are a favorite of ours, and of Maharanis, like yourselves, far and wide! Not only are they an integral part of the South Asian bridal jewelry experience, they've become an iconic element. And whether you prefer a short stack or a tall stack, there's bound to be an impressive amount of sparkle and shine around your wrists on your big day. We've pulled together a collection of twelve bangle sets that we haven't been able to stop thinking about since we've seen them, and want to help inspire your bridal bracelet game with a look at some of the most exquisitely dazzling wrist candy you'll ever see. Check them all out below!

Weren't they just marvelous? See you gals tomorrow when we bring you another incredible South Asian wedding event that will blow you away!