In a traditional Indian wedding, the mandap symbolizes prosperity and family. With four pillars, two on each side representing the mother and father of both bride and groom, the structure is in essence held up by the love and guidance of the parents as their children embark on the road to married life. What a beautiful thing, right? That symbolism alone is enough to make any mandap beautiful, but being a site dedicated to the inspiration of Maharanis, you can be sure our bride's have added to that meaningful idea with their own fabulous floral and decor — making for some of the most spectacular mandaps you ever did see. From lavishly draped fabrics and floral crowns, to modernly etched masterpieces, these 12 mandaps you're about to see will fill your wedding lovin' hearts and minds with so much wonder. Get your Pin-fingers ready and revel in these out-of-this-world indoor mandap designs!

Weren't those all simply marvelous? We sure hope they inspired you just as they did us!