Wedding portraits are more important than they've ever been — in like ever. That's all because of social media. These keepsake, frame-worthy moments are no longer just gracing the walls, mantels and piano covers in our homes anymore, they are now profile pics, cover photos and avatars. And of all the wedding portraits taken, one of the most precious and significant ones are of the bride. Bridal portraits showcase her fashion, her hair, her makeup and her jewelry — and for South Asian brides, it also highlights their mehndi and all of the other out-of-this-world details that come along with being a Maharani. We wanted to share some of the most unforgettable bridal portraits we've seen here at Maharani Weddings to help inspire brides-to-be all over when it comes to their future wedding photography plans. Check out these 11 phenomenal bridal portraits that are certain to take your breath away.

Weren't they spellbinding?! Have a spectacular day, Maharanis!