Ice cream sundaes aren't quite complete until they're topped with a Maraschino cherry, and South Asian bride's feel the same way about their tikkas! Like a tiara to a princess, a tikka to a Maharani is a symbol of, well...being a Princess! A splendid little (and sometimes not so little) decorative ornament to signify the ajna, the tikka plays an important role in South Asian bridal fashion. Not only are they gorgeous, but they hold a spiritual meaning — and who doesn't love accessories that serve a dual purpose? We've selected 12 of our most adored tikkas to share with you today, from some of our most memorable brides. From dainty and traditional, to bold and modern, this delightful dozen is sure to inspire your Maharani style. Check them out, Pin-them and share them!

Have a tikka-riffic day, Maharanis!