Happy Friday, Maharanis! Can you believe another week has just flown right by? What better way to spend your day anticipating the weekend than with us, as we bring you some spectacularly unforgettable wedding films?! Let's check out our first highlight reel, brought to us by the incredibly talented team at Ambrosial Films. They've captured and edited a phenomenal video that I'm sure you're just going to love! The groom will have you in stitches with his antics, and the bride will dazzle you with her two sparkling wedding day lenghas. Their Indian wedding event at Dolce in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, features an outdoor ceremony and a fabulous ballroom reception with floral and decor by Kalash Decorators, a decadent cake by Chocal8 Kiss Bakery with a recreation of Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture as the topper and some fantastic celebratory beats by DJ Sunny Entertainment. Check it all out for yourself!

The bride, on how she met her Raja:

"It's really funny. Ankit and I had known each other for a few years before we finally began dating. We met through mutual friends at college. Although a few of his friends thought that I liked him while we were in college, it couldn't have been further from the truth. I thought he joked too much and didn't take much seriously while we were in college. After graduating, we lost touch and reconnected a few years later when I randomly thought of him and just messaged him to see how he was doing. From that day on, we spoke, texted and emailed each other every day. Our mornings began with a good morning text and ended with a good night text. After a few months, we decided to go to dinner. Neither of us knew if this was a date or if this was just a dinner between friends but we both knew we had feelings for the other and wanted to see where this could go. When dinner was over, neither of us wanted to say goodbye, we decided to go see Christmas lights because I love looking at Christmas lights! He drove us back to his neighborhood to show me a house that did amazing Christmas lights. The fact that he would drive us into his neighborhood (45 mins from where we had dinner) just to show me Christmas lights because he knew how happy it would make me, I knew he was the one."

On the romantic proposal:

"Whenever I thought about being proposed to, I always imagined that I would see it coming and would make sure my nails, hair and makeup were proposal ready! The night that Ankit proposed, was one of the best nights of my life and I was completely taken by surprise! It was the three year anniversary of our first date, and he had made reservations to the same restaurant for our dinner. After dinner, he said that he wanted to go to the Philadelphia Art Museum to get an idea of how our engagement pictures would look if we were to do it there. Now anyone that knows me well, knows that I LOVE the art museum. Not only the museum itself, but also because of the amazing view on top of the Art Museum. Through out dinner though, I tried to talk him out of going to the art museum that night because it was one of the coldest nights of December. He kept disagreeing and kept saying that it would be fine. So naturally when we reached there, I started complaining right away about how cold it was and that we should have come back another night. Little did I know that while I was busy storming back and forth on top of the art museum steps, Ankit was behind me patiently waiting for me to turn around. When I did, he said some of the most romantic and thoughtful things that I wouldn't be able to repeat back even if I wanted to. My mind immediately stopped working. Unfortunately, my mouth did not. When he finished, I started squealing and literally screamed "REALLY?" on repeat until Ankit stopped me and asked me to give him answer because his knee was starting to hurt and it was freezing outside. He also had one of his best-friends hiding at the art museum with the most enormous gorgeous bouquet of red roses and stargazer lilies and a camera so we could forever capture this magical memory. The surprises didn't stop there though. After the proposal, he whisked me away to a party that he had organized filled with our close friends and family members. Spending the night dancing and celebrating our engagement was the absolute best of way ending the night."

On what she enjoyed most about planning her wedding:

"Planning a wedding is one the most stressful things you can do in your life. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. One of the best things about planning the wedding was how involved Ankit was with the whole process. From visiting numerous wedding expos, decorators, caterers and the numerous venues. He was involved in the entire process from selecting the items in our dessert bar (the best part of planning a wedding) to helping me design table numbers and wedding programs. The other best part was how helpful both of our friends and families were. My sister was the one who actually went to India and did the shopping for my clothing. Our parents handled everything for all of the religious ceremonies. My best friends were always there for me to call and come over and go over anything related to the wedding no matter what time of the day it was. This is what the made it feel like not just OUR wedding, but a celebration of two families joining as well."

On her most memorable wedding day moment:

"Looking back at the wedding, there were quite a few special moments that stand out to me. One of the first moments is the morning of the wedding spent with my bridesmaids and family getting ready for the wedding and just relaxing before the craziness started. I can still remember thinking that morning how surreal everything felt, and that the wedding was finally here! The second moment was during the baarat. I had decided before, that I was going to go the traditional route, and not greet Ankit until I was brought in to the wedding, but while everyone went down to greet Ankit and his baarat, my best friend and I snuck into an open conference room that was facing the front of the hotel so I could watch everything. My last favorite moment from the wedding was the time right before my bridesmaids and I went out to join the wedding. I was so nervous but at the same time so ready to get out there and marry my best friend. Those moments, right before the door opened for my first bridesmaid to walk out, it was just such a special and private time between me and the four women in my life the meant the most to me."

On working with her vendors:

"The most stress free part of the wedding, that's right I said stress free and wedding in the same sentence, came after we had decided on our vendors. We chose vendors not just by what they provided or by their expansive portfolio. What was most important to us about each vendor that we chose was that they connected with us about the vision that we had about our wedding and that we could trust them. With every vendor, we were so fortunate because we had someone that we could talk to about anything and knew that they would work with us and not just tell us what we wanted to hear. When the day of the wedding came, everything went smoothly and seamlessly. It was the least stressful day of the whole wedding planning process!"

Sit tight, there's another wedding film on the way that you're sure to enjoy!

Cakes & Treats: ChocaL8kiss Bakery | Cinematography: Ambrosial Films | Venues: Dolce Basking Ridge | Catering: Palace of Asia | DJs& Entertainment: DJ Sunny Entertainment | Photography: Paul Paoletti Photography |