So, I purposely left out the mandap pictures yesterday, because I wanted to breakdown this incredible display for everyone. There is something refreshing about this decor that is full of flowers and color without being SO overboard that the couple is lost. Designed by 2Create Design Studio it definitely has a big, “me likey” written all over it.

Love this mandap? Here is how you can get a similar look:

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Indian wedding blog, color palette copy 

Indian wedding blog, color palette ceremony copy 

Indian wedding blog, color palette ceremony 3 copy 

images by Andrena Photography

First, don’t think that you have to decorate every square inch of the ceremony site.  Trust me people, an edited eye goes a loooong way here. You choose the garden, lawn, or cliff because of it’s natural beauty. Make sure that your décor neither competes with nor outdoes the location.  Outdoor weddings look best when the décor compliments the venue.  Take a look at another fabulous outdoor mandap here.

Second, think of different textures you can use to illustrate your color story.  The bulk of the fuschia/rani/hot pink color comes from these adorable pink umbrellas.  Not from flowers.  Think about using fans, colored chivari chairs, fabric, or other materials that can bring your palette into the site.

images by Andrena Photography

Third, don’t assume your mandap needs to be covered in flowers.  This mandap really doesn’t have many flowers.  The majority of the flowers are in aisle runner and the archway. The aisle flowers could easily be moved (and reused) into the reception area for a buffet, dessert, or cake table.

images by Andrena Photography

This gets me to the last point – the archway.  What I love about this archway is that it uses branches to keep the outdoorsy feel and then the kissing balls bring the color story into play.  Kissing balls can be costly, so they can easily be replaced by a less labor intensive floral structure.  Something your florist is bound to have ideas on.

images by Andrena Photography
I know, I know, it is just sooooo pretty.  This wedding has already gone down as a Maharani all time fav.  I la la la love it!  Back tomorrow with their reception finale you won’t want to miss!